psychologist Tatiana Davletova
I think that every person is ok. And it is an appetency to live better. What you need is to attune to the harmonious sound of your soul
Every day and every new therapy I take a great delight realizing all my potential and experience that have been accumulated for more than 15 years in family psychologist' work
I am Tatiana, a certified psychologist. I got my education abroad and in Russia. Every year I improve my skills & qualifications in the spheres of psychological support, personal development and coaching (life & business).

I am happily married & we have а son & daughters twins. Before starting the project "Go2be Happy" (psychological and personal counseling services), I have been working at my own heart stings for serious number of psychotherapeutic hours.

I got my start as a linguist, an interpreter, a teacher then a coach and a psychologist in major international organizations. Now I define the concepts of "family", "the company where you work" as a real living organism who sound with their unique histories, traditions, patterns of behavior and even crises. It is just we use words instead of musical scores.

- More than 80 couples found their way to happiness, found common language with children and loved ones.
- More than 150 people improved their lives.
- More than 50 built a successful career, their own business.
Each case is a special music. I love listening to your life melodies and attuning the heart strings in a new happy way.

I work in a humanistic direction, a multimodal approach. Scheme therapy, transactional analysis, catathymic therapy, cinema therapy, art therapy, therapy in English, psycholinguistics, coaching.
To pass on professional help, I'm learning all the time

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